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While I know 2019 was a particularly calm year for wildfires, I'm interested in hearing your thoughts or concerns about wildfire season with the added concern of the COVID-19 pandemic. Particle air pollution from wildfires may exacerbate COVID-19 symptoms and prove more lethal to those with preexisting health problems, according to Forbes. Are you worried about air quality and the pandemic? Will masks become mandatory?  
Madeline H.

Journalist Project Manager 

We had a session where my Grandaughter was sleepy rested her head on her pillow but we were there and we pushed her be present and engage. Teacher asked them to find a square object chukd held up a box of tissues for a while but it wasn’t seen by teacher and so she put it down. Teacher then says to this child why don’t you hold up that pillow you’ve been resting your head on. Then follows it up with why don’t you just turn your camera off and listen? If this is how online schools will operate by restricting or limiting learning as a form of punishment, I’m not sure it’s worth our time. Yes she should be alert but she wouldn’t be the first kid to sneak and stay up after being told to go to bed...
Rhonda P.

Wenatchee Neighbor discussion on Education

I remember it well.It was the only reason I graduated high school! I hated english and did not think much of the teacher. (I had a strong D minus going.) She informed me that I would never pass the final and I agreed. So the massive cloud came that Sunday morning and low and behold they shut the school down before we took final exams. The Superintendent of Public Instruction directed that seniors did not have to take finals and graduate if their current grade was passing! I wore my cap and grown proudly and gave the teacher a wink as my name was called!
Chris L.

Wenatchee Neighbor discussion on "Where were you when Mount St. Helens erupted?

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